Kinky Strangers is a development between several Kinksters and Fetishers who wanted to make the BDSM/Kink/Fetish scenes a safer place.. Not only the fact do we want each of our users to be safe with who they are talking to, but we want to be able to share information quickly with Clubs/Events and should the occasion call for it Law enforcement. 

By choosing to signup and support Kinky strangers you know you are in good company, we are verifying every single member via government ID's with our 3rd party integrator. The we can instantly tell if an ID is fake, which means that we can block access to the site before any harm is done. 

We are blocking all users under the age of consent which protects both parties, also all images are moderated prior going to live which means any content which contains under 18's will never be seen by other users. 
If we do somehow miss content then by simply reporting it, it will be removed until one of our admin team members can check it. 

For us, there is no reason to body shame, age shame or gender shame. Everyone is individual with their own stories and experiences, for those who wish to shame other users there are plenty of other platforms that won't take action against you... 

We are trying to run Content tags for 5 days of the week, which everyone can be involved with, these are open to everyone and are meant to be fun not serious. 

Content wise - we protect our users content by automatically adding watermark's and the viewers individual ID number. This will only skew the image slightly but if they do ever save it we can take action as soon as it is reported.

As we have said everyone is welcome on KS - we welcome only fans models, all we ask is you fill in the onlyfans URL so that your profile is highlighted blue in the places search.
To assist users in trying to detect good matches and friends - we are operating a traffic light system, 
  1. no colour will mean good to go
  2. Orange/amber, they have had a warning about behaviour. Details can be seen on their profile. 
  3. Red, user is on a final warning, Details can be found on their profile but approach user with caution.

Users that have not been active for 6months or are unverified their profiles will remain on the site but be in an archive state so will only be able to be viewed